Use FindTime To Improve Meeting Acceptance

Use FindTime to improve meeting acceptances and make scheduling Microsoft Teams meeting a breeze. It can be incredibly frustrating when you schedule a meeting and you are hit with a barrage of declines and have to reschedule multiple times.

When scheduling a meeting with coworkers, you can use the scheduling assistant in Teams to determine quorum between all participants, but with external participants this is not possible.

FindTime is a meeting time voting system where all participants can review the suggested times the organiser has added, they can pick their preferred one as well as other times and when a majority has been reached, FindTime can automatically schedule the Teams meeting on your behalf.

FindTime is not a Teams App, but an Outlook plugin. To use, go to and login with your e-mail account. Click Install For Free to begin. Follow the setup instructions.

Use Findtime to auto schedule meetings

Once installed, when you click New Meeting in Outlook, you will notice a new button called “New Meeting Poll“. Click that.

From the side loaded blade, you can choose when you are available for the meeting based on your calendar availability. You can select as many options as you want, even across multiple days. It is however, recommended to keep the options limited to perhaps no more than 5 or 6.

Once finished selecting, press Next

Check the box to make the meeting a Teams meeting and turn on or off any of the FindTime options. Personally, I choose to turn off voting notifications.

When ready press add to email. Discard the invite and send the e-mail FindTime opens.

Once a quorum has been reached, all participants will receive the invitation. During the voting window, all options you have selected will be reserved in your calendar to prevent overbooking.

If you manually remove them, FindTime will not determine if that time is no longer suitable for you.

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