Presenting PowerPoints in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Presenting PowerPoints in meetings is an everyday necessity. But how many of you do it wrong? Did you even know you’re doing it wrong all this time?

Almost everyone defaults to using screen sharing to present their PowerPoint presentation. Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with using this method it does impact the quality of the meeting for both you as the presenter and your audience.

Using screen sharing to present your PowerPoint consumes a lot of bandwidth and with people working from home, some may have slow internet speeds that cannot cope and they receive choppy audio, lags in slide animations and transitions that really impact their ability to participate in your meeting.

In Microsoft Teams meetings, there is a special feature to specifically present PowerPoints. When you click the Share button in the meeting control bar, you will notice PowerPoint being an option alongside screen sharing.

Click Browse and find your presentation from either your OneDrive for Business or your local computer.

This will upload the PowerPoint presentation to the Teams meeting server and this will be shared out in a much more bandwidth efficient way. Your consumption will reduce from 4mbps to about 10kbps. What you get is so much more!

As a presenter you get a special view, you’re able to see upcoming slides and notes that you made in screen to keep you focussed on delivering the perfect presentation. But this is just the start.

Translate Your Slides

You may have created the slides in your main language, but you are presenting to an international audience, you can use live translator to change your slide content into the desired language

Attendees can also change the language of the slides into their native vocabulary without impacting other attendees that allows your meeting to be more effective and break down language barriers.

Laser Point and Annotate Your Slides

You can focus your audience on parts of the slides your talk is referring to, emphasising key information using the pen and laser tool options

Annotation Controls
Laser Pointer

Presenter On Top

Presenter on top is a new feature to Teams meetings and especially this mode. It allows you to place your video on the bottom right of the PowerPoint to give extra space to the presentation in the attendee view. Presenter on Top automatically removes your background. You can enable this by first showing your video and then clicking the Presenter on Top icon

An example of Presenter on Top in action

Prevent Private Viewing Mode

By default, using PowerPoint live allows the attendees to skip through your slides in advance of you presenting the, To stop this, click the eye icon in the meeting controls to prevent private viewing

So next time you need to share a PowerPoint, do it right! Be a meeting boss and make your meetings accessible and inclusive to your audience

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