Make All Meetings Microsoft Teams Meetings

With the increasing popularity of hybrid and remote working, connecting to coworkers over a Microsoft Teams meeting has become a necessity.

As a result, more often than not you are not booking a physical in-person meeting, but an online meeting. Therefore, it might be more sensible and productive to make all meetings Microsoft Teams Meetings rather than having to manually click the “Make a Teams Meeting” button in Outlook.

Once enabled, when you schedule a new meeting using Microsoft Outlook, the Teams meeting join information will automatically be added to the invite being sent out.

How to Make All Meetings Microsoft Teams Meetings

To do this, you can perform the actions either in Outlook on the Web or Outlook client on your PC.

To set this in Outlook on the Web, open your browser and navigate to and sign in with your e-mail account.

From the top menu bar, click on the cog wheel

How to Make All Meetings Microsoft Teams Meetings

At the bottom of the side loaded blade, click on “View all Outlook Settings

Then click on the Calendar tab and the Events and Invitations sub-tab. You’ll notice an option for “Add Online Meetings to all Meetings“. Check this box and press Save.

When you next schedule a meeting in Outlook either online or on the client, you will notice the Make Teams Meeting button is pre-selected and that the meeting details will be added once you send the invitation.

To do this in the Outlook Client, if you run Mac, then click on “Outlook” on the top system menu and go to Preferences, then Calendar

Under calendar options, check the box next to Add Online Meetings to all Meetings

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