Got a Question? Raise Your Hand In Microsoft Teams

Online meetings can be an unruly place to be, especially in large meetings. Trying to find a gap long enough to unmute your microphone and actually speak is a competitive business! It is probably why so many default to asking their question via meeting chat rather than using their voice…

Now in Microsoft Teams meetings there is a Raise Your Hand feature. If you have a question you can let the meeting presenter or moderator know by digitally raising your hand.

raise your hand in microsoft teams

To raise your hand, click the Reactions icon in the meeting control bar and select the Hand icon, or use CTRL+SHIFT+K on your keyboard to raise and lower your hand using a shortcut.

You or the presenter(s) can lower your hand. You can lower it by repeating the above process or keyboard shortcut. If you are a presenter or moderator and you want to lower someone’s hand after they have been heard, you can do this in two ways.

The first, if they are in spotlight view, you can click the ellipsis(…) next to their name in the window and choose Lower Hand

Or open the participants window by clicking on the People icon in the meeting bar and then hovering over the participant, click the ellipsis and select Lower Hand

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