Create a Microsoft Teams Webinar

Webinars are a great way to reach new customers. Traditionally, to create a webinar you would have to use another video broadcasting solution. However, Microsoft Teams now supports Webinars.

The goal of a webinar is two fold. Presenting your product or solution and generating leads to follow up afterwards. With Webinars for Teams, you can now schedule a normal meeting and require attendees to register to receive the Teams invitation.

How to Schedule a Webinar

First, open the meeting scheduler in the Teams app. Complete the meeting information, Subject, Presenters, Date and Time etc. Then click on “Require Registration” menu drop down and select “Everyone

How to Schedule a Webinar in Teams

This add an information box to the top of the scheduler, click on “View Registration Form

This will launch a webpage that you can customise with your branding as well as adding any more registration fields required.

Make sure you save the changes and then copy the registration link from the top menu controls.

How the registration page looks to prospects

Don’t forget to go back to Teams and send the invite to your presenters!

Download Registrations

You will be able to view the current progress of registrations by clicking on the webinar in your Teams calendar and editing it. From the top menu, you will notice a tab called “Attendance”.

To actually download the registrations, you do this from the Details tab. You’ll notice a registration report that will be available


  • If people share the meeting join link, e.g. forward to coworkers or post on social media, anonymous people will be able to join and skip registration
  • Attendances will be logged in the Attendance tab, but not exportable unless your IT admin has turned on Attendance Reporting for you
  • You can record the webinar, but you cannot use the registration form to redirect to the recording after the live presentation has ended.

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