Control Access to Your Meetings with Meeting Options

When you schedule a meeting it’s security policy is created based on the policy assigned to the organiser of the meeting. The policy can be viewed and edited from the Edit Meeting feature in the calendar app in Teams

A webpage will open and you will be presented with the security controls that protect your meeting and what people can and cannot do when they join and participate. These options are only currently editable by the organiser.

Bypass Lobby

The meeting lobby is a waiting room that people are placed in until the presenter or organiser of the meeting is ready to admit them into the meeting. This is useful if you are preparing for an important meeting and you want to load your presentation, check your audio and video etc. before participants join. When ready, you can admit them one by one or everyone.

Meeting lobby will be in effect for the entire meeting, so late joiners will still need to be admitted even though you have begun your meeting.

The options to bypass can be useful if you only want to place certain types of people in the lobby. The options you have are:


As the name suggests, everyone will bypass the lobby. The effective permission is “Lobby Off”

People in my Organisation, Trusted Organizations and Guests

Everyone who shares the same e-mail domain as your e.g. company wide, plus any external companies that use Teams also that your company has approved and guest users within your Teams tenant

People in my Organisation

Everyone who shares the same e-mail domain as your e.g. company wide

People in my Organisation

Everyone who shares the same e-mail domain as your e.g. company wide

People I Invite

Everyone who you have specifically invited to the meeting. They will not be able to forward the meeting invite

Only Me

Only you as the organiser can bypass the lobby. Be careful using this setting as if you are setting the meeting up for someone else, you will need to join the meeting and admit the first presenter to begin the meeting.

The option to let callers bypass the lobby, if enabled refers to participants joining the meeting from a normal telephone using dial-in conferencing.

Announce People Entering and Leaving Meeting

You have probably heard this before, but when people join a meeting the system can audibly announce their arrival “Jennifer Warren, has joined the meeting” Or perhaps you hear a beep.

Personally, I find this annoying and distracting so I always disable it.

Who Can Present?

This options segregates your participants into Presenters and Attendees. Presenters have more controls and can share their screen and upload PowerPoints to the meetings. Attendees cannot. This option is good if you are running a webinar and want to reduce the risk of someone accidentally taking over as presenter. The options you have are:

If you select Specific People, you have to define the presenters by e-mail address. This is the most secure method if you want to control the meeting to the highest standard.

Allow Mic and Camera for Attendees

Again, in an important meeting that requires structure and concentration, perhaps you are delivering a company financial bulletin to your employees and you do not want them to interrupt or be seen on the meeting recording. You can disable their microphones and webcams.

In the meeting as a presenter you can choose to enable them as a whole by coming back to the meeting settings page (or in app) and enabling, or one by one.

Record Automatically

When enabled the meeting will automatically begin recording when the first person starts the meeting. The meeting will be stored in the Organiser’s OneDrive for Business. The meeting will continue to record until the system time limit unless you click End Meeting rather than Leave.

Ending the meeting will immediately kick everyone out of the meeting and also stop the recording. Click the down arrow on the red Leave button and select End Meeting

Allow Meeting Chat & Reactions

By default participants can chat in the meeting and send reactions. If you do not want these features you can turn them off.

Enabling CART support is an option if someone is going to join with hearing difficulties.

How to Change Meeting Settings In Meeting

You might have set the meeting settings in good faith ahead of time, but there might be an unscripted period in the meeting that would benefit from a setting change. Perhaps you want to open the meeting for questions from the attendees?

You can do this by clicking the ellipsis (…) in the meetings control bar and choosing Meeting Options

From there, you can make all the changes you need within the meetings window without the need to go back to the webpage version.

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