Updating Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a web based application that is wrapped within a desktop client wrapper. Essentially this means that essentially you are running a website within a traditional application window that has some interfaces between your system and the website to make it function like a full application.

Quite a technical explanation, but what this means is that the Teams client automatically updates itself when it detects an update. The Teams client calls home every few hours. When it detects an update it will download and install it silently whilst you work. Some new features may require the app to reload and you’ll be notified when that has happened (you my not even see it happen).

Checking Your Version

You can check the version of the Teams client running on your machine by clicking on the elipsys (…) next to your avatar and selecting About and Version

The version and last updated information will show at the top of the Teams client

Unfortunately, there is no current way to check if the version you are running is the latest. However, you can always manually check for updates.

How To Check Teams for Updates

Many issues can be solved simply by updating software. If you do not want to wait for the automatic updating to happen you can simply check for updates by clicking the ellipsis (…) and choosing Check for Updates

This process will happen in the background and any update will be installed silently.

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