Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts are a great way for power users to complete the most common actions within the Teams client. They save time and make you more efficient.

Microsoft Teams has an abundance of shortcuts and you will probably never learn them all. However, let’s go through some of the most common you can learn quickly to streamline your usability.

The first useful command is CTRL + . (full stop key) for Windows or Command + . for Mac. This will show you all the shortcuts available for your version of the app

Here are the top 10 shortcuts you should memorise for Microsoft Teams

Open a New Chat CTRL + NCommand + N
Zoom InCTRL + + (Zoom out CTRL + -)Command + + (Zoom out Command + -)
Accept a Call Audio OnlyCTRL + SHIFT + SCommand + SHIFT + S
Accept a Call with Video OnCTRL + SHIFT + ACommand + SHIFT + A
End a CallCTRL + SHIFT + HCommand + SHIFT + H
Toggle Mute ON / OFFCTRL + SHIFT + MCommand + SHIFT + M
Toggle Fullscreen Mode ON / OFFCTRL + SHIFT + FCommand + SHIFT + F
Raise of Lower Hand in MeetingCTRL + SHIFT + KCommand + SHIFT + K
Send a MessageCTRL + ReturnCommand + Return
SearchCTRL + FCommand + F

A full breakdown of all available shortcuts can be found on the Microsoft Support Website.

Opening Sideloaded Apps

In the Microsoft support article for Teams Keyboard Shortcuts, they reference the shortcuts CTRL + [Number] to launch the Chat, Calling, Files etc. standard apps. For instance CTRL + 2 should open the Chat app.

However, in a situation where your company has reordered these apps, these mappings will not function as documented. To find out the new mapping, simply count the apps loaded on the side of the Teams client top to bottom, when you land on the appropriate one, choose that number e.g. CTRL + 6 could launch Calling rather than 5.

Customised Keyboard Shortcuts

It is possible to remap these shortcuts on Windows 10 and 11 using Microsoft PowerToys Keyboard Manager

For instance, if you wanted to change the toggle mute on or off from CTRL + SHIFT + M to just CTRL + M, this is possible.

You can find out more about how to do this here.

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