In App Help Is a User’s Best Friend

Microsoft Teams is perhaps one of the best documented applications on the planet. Microsoft invest a lot of time and money in creating user based documentation on how to use Teams. All this information is accessible within the app in the help section.

In this section you’ll find lots of articles and videos to help you on your day to day tasks within Teams

It is well worth spending some time each week navigating the help section as you’ll discover new ways of working with Teams every time.

Feedback Portal

Microsoft Teams is a demand driven app. This means if there is a demand for a feature, Microsoft will build it. A lot of features have been developed in the past using direct feedback from normal users. If you think that Teams is missing something you need, then you should tell them about it.

Accessed directly from the Teams Help section under “Suggest a Feature” is the new Microsoft Feedback Portal for Microsoft Teams.

You’ll need a Microsoft account to login, a hotmail account will do to submit your idea. Before you do, it is recommended to first search the portal to see if someone else has posted the same feature request. If they have, it is better to up vote their post rather than create a separate one.

Once posted, share your request with others and ask them to upvote the request. Whilst it is not a guarantee it will be accepted, it will certainly pass the eyes of the product managers responsible for committing to developing features more easily.

Remember, this is a long game and your request might not make it to the shipping room. If your request is accepted to be worked on, the roll out of that feature could take several months.

If Something Breaks, Report it!

The development pace these days is so rapid that bugs do exist and Teams is no exception. If you experience a failure to Teams then you should report it directly to Microsoft. This process does work and people do read these reports. You are more likely to get a problem resolved quicker using this method rather than reporting it to your own IT department.

It is worth pointing out that this feature is for bug reports only and not to be used as a general support function. Microsoft will not respond to you. You should only use this if Teams crashes or does not perform the task it should and gives an unexpected error.

Accessible from the Help menu / Give Feedback

Use the popup message box to enter as much information about the problem as possible and include any error codes, messages and steps to reproduce. Then click send to Microsoft

There is no SLA on response time, and you may not get a response at all. Any response will come to the e-mail address logged into the Teams client.

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