Use the Dial Pad in Microsoft Teams

If your company has enabled a telephone number for your Microsoft Teams account you will be able to use the dial pad to call phone numbers around the world.

The dial pad exists in the calling app of Microsoft Teams

Dial By E.164

Dial by what? If your company has implemented telephony properly there should be no need to worry about this section. There are configurations in the backend that can interpret the number format you normally dial and convert them into structured information that can be used programatically.

However, in the case of a misconfiguration, you can at least attempt to dial the full number of your intended destination in E.164 format.

E.164 is the standard given to numbers that conform to it. You will already know this format, you will have seen it many times on websites, e-mail signatures and caller displays on your mobile phone. The number format is prefixed with a plus (+) and contains the international dialling code (without the zero(es)), area code (without the zero) and the subscriber part of the number. For example to call British Airways in the UK you would dial +442032500145. This is E.164.

If a call fails to connect you could attempt to dial the number in this format. If the call proceeds, then your IT admin has done something wrong. If it fails, then you probably do not have the correct calling privileges to make this call.

Microsoft Teams Dial Pad Supports Phonewords

This method of calling is popular in some countries, especially the USA. Phonewords are words that make up part of a phone number to make them easier to remember.

An example of a phoneword would be something like +1800dominos which would translate to +18003664667.

This works on an alpha numeric keypad and follows the keys. You can use any of the 3 or 4 characters, you just press the key once no matter what. For instance in 1800dominos, press 3 for D, 6 for O, 6 for M etc.

Microsoft Teams will convert this input into numeric digits so that you can call.

Audio Conference (Dial-in Participants) From the Dial Pad

You can also use the dial pad to call multiple numbers at once. This will create an audio conference between you and the destinations. Simply add each number separately and press call.

There is one caveat to this feature. You must be licensed for Audio Conferencing Dial Out in Microsoft Teams alongside your calling plan. Please contact your administrator if this fails.

If licensed, the call will be made to each of the phone numbers. Their caller display will be the audio conferencing number, not your direct number.

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