Sign in to Call Queues in Microsoft Teams

As part of your role within your company you may be added as an agent to a call queue with other coworkers. Perhaps you work in a support role and have to answer calls that are made to a shared service number.

If your administrator allows, you may be able to sign-in and out of these call queues as agents. This means in a signed out state, you can continue to work in Teams and make and receive personal calls but any calls to the shared service number will not be offered to you.

The default behaviour is to be signed in to the queue. If you choose sign-out, this state will remain until you consciously sign back in.

To see if you are eligible, go to the Settings menu (CTRL + , or Command + ,) and click on the calls tab. Scroll to the bottom and if you are a member of any call queues a section will show called Call Queues.

On queues that you are allowed to sign out of you will notice a toggle. Simply toggle it to the off position to sign out. Toggle back on when you are ready.

If you see a circle Icon with an “i” this means that the administrator has not allowed you to sign out of the queue. In this mode, as soon as you are signed into Teams, you are active in the queue.

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