Setup & Manage Call Delegates in Microsoft Teams

Depending on your job function you may require assistance in answering incoming calls to your Microsoft Teams account or number. Perhaps you are an executive and employ an assistant to help with day to day tasks.

When call delegates are set in Microsoft Teams it allows those people to answer and make calls on your behalf.

Note: This feature requires an additional license as an add-on to the standard Teams license in E3 called Microsoft Phone System and you must be enabled for enterprise voice. If you do not see this feature in your client, contact your IT administrator.

To setup call delegation, go to the General Settings tab in the Settings menu, click on the ellipsis (…) at the top of the client and select settings and then click on Manage Delegates.

Add a Call Delegate

To add a delegate, enter their name into the search bar under the “Your delegates” tab. If found within your organisation, Teams will return a result in the drop down. Click on the person to add them.

You cannot add a person that is external to your organisation as a delegate. This includes external phone numbers.

Next choose the permissions you are going to grant the delegate. The default is all selected.

When finished press Add.

Manage Your Call Answering Behaviour

When you add a delegate, the default call answering behaviour is set to forward all your calls to your delegate list. This means that you will not be notified of any incoming call on your Teams client but you will maintain an accurate call history.

To change this behaviour, go to the Calls tab in the Settings menu.

If you would like the opportunity to answer calls before your delegates, you can do by changing the setting from Forward my Calls to Calls Ring Me.

Pickup Private Calls Before Your Delegates

As there is no feature for a private line in Teams currently, you may want the opportunity to pickup personal calls directly before they are answered by your delegates. To set this up, Select Calls Ring Me and then set the If Unanswered option to My Delegates. Then set the ring for this many seconds before redirecting from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.

With this setting you will receive all calls initially. If you know the Caller ID of your VIP or you have created a contact for them, you can use the information in the calling notification to make the judgement to answer or not.

Delegate Experience

As a delegate, they will not be able to see where the call originated from in the call notification. Therefore, good answering protocols should be followed. They will see a list of people they support in their calling app

If they want to make a call out impersonating your Caller ID, they can do so by first entering the name or number they want to call and then clicking the drop down icon on the call button and selecting Call as You.

If the person they are calling is a Teams user, they will get enriched information on the call notification showing that your delegate is calling them on your behalf

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