Record a Call In Teams

If you would like to record a call in Teams you can do so as long as the caller is internal and within your own company.

To record a call outside of this scenario requires your company to install a compliance recording solution.

To record an internal call you must manually begin the recording once the call is established. Auto recording is not yet a feature of Teams.

Before recording, it is good practice to first request your partner’s permission. Perhaps you are working on a project and are sharing your screen?

How to Record a Call in Teams

Assuming consent is mutual, to record a call in Teams, click the ellipsis (…) button in the call control bar and select Start Recording.

Record a Call In Teams

Teams will notify you and your partner that recording is enabled by placing a notification banner across the top of the conversation window and a red icon, next to the call duration timer.

To stop recording you can simply end the call, or click the ellipsis again and press Stop Recording

Recordings are stored in your OneDrive for Business in a folder called Recordings. You can access it by clicking on the Files application, then selecting OneDrive from the cloud storage section and clicking on the Recordings Folder.

It is important to note that your participant will not be able to playback the recording unless you share it, or grant them permission to watch it.

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