How to Set Call Forwarding In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams supports call forwarding to a coworker, a group of coworkers, an external phone number or voicemail.

Call forwarding in Teams can be implemented immediately, i.e. unconditionally to a destination or gracefully after a specified amount of time has passed unanswered.

If you are looking for the ability to also call your mobile number when someone calls your Teams number, please check out Simultaneous Ringing.

Graceful Call Forwarding

Graceful call forwarding is when you are given a period of time to answer the call directly before Teams will forward your call to the configured destination. The default setting is 20 seconds.

To configure this, go to the Settings menu from the ellipsis (…) at the top of the app and select the Calls tab.

Under the call answering rules, select “If unanswered” and from the drop down you have the following options:

  • Voicemail
  • New Number or Contact
  • Do Nothing
  • Call Group

If you wish to forward to a coworker you can choose New Number or Contact and add their name in

You can also set a phone number if you wish and are enabled for calling in Teams.

Alternatively you can set your Team Call Group as the destination.

Unconditional Call Forward

Unconditional call forward is where all calls are immediately forwarded to the configured destination. If set, you will not see or have the opportunity to accept incoming calls, although you will still be able to make outbound calls.

Unconditional forward uses the same destination options as the graceful version. You will need to select the “Forward my Calls” option on the call answering rules and then choose the appropriate destination.

Forwarding actions are saved and effective immediately.

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